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ProLite and Pickleball Xtra's New Apparel Partnership with a huge fun Givaway to Celebrate

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Pickleball Xtra are SUPER excited to be partnered with the best paddle makers in the USA, ProLite Sports! Be sure to get in on this great offer from ProLite, an awesome free keychain, designed and made by Pickleball Xtra exclusively for ProLite, with the first 1,000 paddles ordered from their website! Check out Pickleball Xtra's super cool apparel range designed for ProLite, too! PROLITE PROUD!!

Here is what ProLite had to say.....

Pickleball Apparel – Trendy Designs from ProLite and Pickleball Xtra

There are tons of pickleball shirts available on web sites and at live events these days. Few though, are as hip and trendy as the creations made by Pickleball Xtra. Recently, ProLite Sports and Picklball Xtra entered into an exclusive agreement that allows both companies to put their expertise to work.

At ProLite, we make the highest quality pickleball paddles in the world. Our materials are made here in the USA and our paddles are manufactured right here too. We’re proud of this fact but more importantly, we’re sure that we’re making the best paddle possible. Not all pickleball paddle companies can say that.

Our partners at Pickleball Xtra have the same intense commitment to making the best products possible. Much of it in small batches and all of it hand checked for quality. They design it in house and produce it locally – now that’s a match made in heaven.

To celebrate our new partnership, ProLite is giving away a free key chain/bag tag made by Pickleball Xtra (exclusively for ProLite) to anyone purchasing a ProLite paddle through our web site. These are sturdy, large key chains that are sure to help you keep track of those elusive rascals - or identify the sport you can’t get away from. Either way, we’re sure you will LOVE them – but this is a limited time offer.

While you’re looking over our sweet ProLite paddles, check out the new shirts we’ve added to our apparel line – made by – guess who… Pickleball Xtra. They are the greatest! http://prolitepaddles.com/apparel

As always, thanks for being our customer and please make sure you “LIKE” us on Facebook for exclusive offers and up to date info. https://www.facebook.com/prolitesports/

Happiest of New Year from the team at ProLite!